Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On lukewarmness of faith.

I was once a lukewarm Catholic from a family of lukewarm Catholics.

I really don't care if any of them end up reading this. I just hope it does some good to expose the utter failure in logic, yes, LOGIC, of being culturally Catholic and nothing else.

Our faith cannot be simply something we kinda do sometimes to get holy points and feel like a good person. If Jesus is who he said he is, we must give our whole lives to him! If someone comes and claims they are God and that we must follow him and we say we believe it...then we must become radically devoted to this person and do everything in our power to live a life He would be proud of. And if you asked any lukewarm Catholic, I'm sure they'd nod and say quite softly because you've made them "uncomfortable" that you asked, that they agree that Jesus IS that man.

However, if our faith really is just something we kinda hold true to sometimes and do this whole mass thing that we don't understand or really seem to care about or be all that into, which lukewarm Catholics profess by their actions, then Jesus cannot be God. God is everything. He created everything, He created us, and He calls us to Him. If that's all there is, then Jesus is not God. And if Jesus is not God, there is no God. And that's the conclusion I logically reached, once upon a time. But that's a long story.

I wish the hypocrisy and idiocy of lukewarmness of faith would end. It makes me sick.

There was a dream that I dreamed, a dream for a fiery faith.

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