Thursday, September 8, 2011

On types of friendships.

Here are some of my observations on friendships.

Some friendships are those that just sort of flop. You hang out with them at some part of your life and then at some point you just stop seeing each other around anymore. They were a part of your life for a little while and then they become a stranger again.

There are also those friendships where you see each other all the time but never really talk. You're friendly and warm but you're not really friends.

Then there are those friendships which are like the previous two. One day you're close and then another you kind of wonder whatever happened between you two, and you never really hang out anymore. You're always nice and talk about how you should see each other again, but only one person or neither is really willing to reach out and reconnect. If this happens to you a lot, you kind of wish you had friendships like the next category...

...which I lovingly call the "best friends forever" category. These sort of friends are very enthusiastic about each other and "inseparable." I wish I had these sorts of friendships, but I can't ever really recall having a friend like that. Or, well, at least an instance where it was mutual, which is just uncomfortable.

Then again, I am very lucky to have the best sort of friendships, which are the friendships frozen in time. You know when you have a friend and don't see them for a while, but when you do, it's like nothing ever happened in between? You just sort of pick up where you left off and everything is like it once was.

That's what a real friendship is like.

There was a dream that I dreamed, a dream for friendships frozen in time.

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